James Rodríguez’s future in doubt in Bayern

James Rodríguez
James Rodríguez

James Rodriguez’s future seems to be further away from Bayern with each passing day. Today, Die Roten’s president, Uli Hoeness, admitted that even if the footballer wants to keep playing for the team, the decision to trigger his release clause from Real Madrid will only be taken if Niko Kovac asks for the player’s signing.

“James’ future has to be determined by the coach. If Kovac tells me he is good, but that he is not going to use him on the pitch, I’m not ready to spend over $42M for someone who doesn’t play. If the coach tells me he needs James and plans to make something useful out of his skills, then we will sign him,” Hoeness stated in an interview.

The bad relationship between Kovac and the Colombian ace has been well documented by the German media.

Kovac and James have had a number of disagreements throughout the season, since the Croatian boss does not feel that the South American player is fully committed to the team’s cause.

Asked about the hint James dropped about a possible return to Real Madrid, Hoeness killed all of the player’s hopes when it comes to deciding where he wants to play next.

“It’s only up to us. We have an option to execute up until May. If we decide that we want him, he will have to stay, but we haven’t reached a decision on that matter yet,” Hoeness concluded.

Rodríguez has been linked to a variety of teams, including Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham and of course, Real Madrid. While Bayern still has a say on his future, the notion of watching James staying in the Bundesliga are quite slim.


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